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Welcome on board to our non-executive director Rachel McClelland

She is the founder and CEO of Planet Shine, a filmmaker whose career spans feature films, music, videos, and branded content. Driven by her passion for ethical living, sustainability, and animal rights, she focuses on projects that make a difference, which led her to take up the post at Autonomous iOt.

Rachel said “I am so delighted to have been invited to join the Autonomous iOt board. Bobby, Tony, and all the teams' commitment to sustainable innovation means that not only can we harness their many years of engineering expertise to create high-tech solutions, but we have the best chance of fixing the planet and achieving a Just Transition.”

Bobby Kane our CEO said, “Autonomous iOt is at an exciting juncture in the company’s growth, we are expanding the breadth and the knowledge of our board to help us in this trajectory.”

“It is with great pleasure to welcome Rachel McClelland to our board, not only is she an amazing person, Rachel was a key player in COP26, and she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in diversity and sustainability communications within the film and energy sectors that will help the company grow and be our sounding box on our path to Net Zero.”

Pictured is Rachel and Caroline Roberts Autonomous iOt’s Finance Director.


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