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Autonomous iOt Round Table Event

Our round table event was a huge success yesterday. It was a fantastic gathering of pioneers, visionaries, and innovators who will all help the UK drive towards net zero goals.

Thank you to everyone who attended, including Charles Broadfoot, Paul Cross, Tuleen Boutaleb, Paul Sheerin, Vivienne Cockburn, Hina Khan (Dr), Sean McGrath, Bill Somerville, Craig Doogan, Anna Griffin, Neil McKie, Michael McGuinness, Cameron Law,Claire Greenaway, Martin McHugh, Gary Robertson, Nick Sparks, Mike McGregor the representatives from the NHS, housing associations, councils and all the other organizations that attended.

A special thanks to Martin Valenti & Jim Gallagher for speaking at the event.

Finally, thanks to the Autonomous iOt team for all your hard work leading up to the event. Let's keep creating the future together!


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