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Meet Paolo Ercolino

Our team is growing. Introducing Paolo Ercolino, our recently appointed Hardware Development Engineer. Paulo lives in Glasgow and has a Masters Degree in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde.

Paolo said, "Working at Autonomous immediately appealed to me, promoting a start-up work culture with endless possibilities in career development. The work environment here allows for full creativity where anyone can suggest and try out new ideas,

which encourages learning on the job. I have felt very valued in the company and have been involved in lots of areas despite being new here."

Paolo is an avid music fan who, in his spare time, enjoys playing the guitar 🎸. When asked which three guests would you invite to a dinner party, Paulo said, "I would have a dinner party theme of ‘Guitarists Called Mark’, so I would invite Mark Knopfler and Mark Lettieri, who are two of my favourite musicians of all time, and I wouldn’t mind skipping dessert and going straight to a jam session with these guys. While I’m having a fancy meal in the land of make-believe, I'd better invite my wife as the third person!"

Welcome to the team Paolo!

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